Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Ever Business Done

The very first idea from a Brain Merc has been sold to client on April 27, 2009. The client needed some one to review her work, and she came to a Brain Merc for critiques for her work. It was done, and it marks Brain Mercenaries first ever business transaction.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


This blogshop is a blogshop which shares a core values with Brain Mercenaries, creativity and ideas. They sell t-shirts with captions meant to draw attention to the field of psychology through humour. Do visit and make a purchase.

Brain Mercenaries: An Introduction

Brains Mercenaries is an experiment to create a firm where ideas are traded. Much like a consulting firm, Brain Mercenaries is a place where clients can buy fresh ideas from the people affiliated with Brain Mercenaries. Brain Mercenaries is created to embrace the rise of the services sector, where the physical strength of a worker is losing its value, while the ideas and creativity of a person can be worth billions.

To start off, Brain Mercenaries cater to anyone who needs a fresh idea to help them out in any situation. Brain Mercenaries serves clients from students who needs idea on their assignment to multinational corporations who needs idea on how to revamp their talent management systems. There is currently only one person working with Brain Mercenaries, however, with connections to many other talented people in different sectors, rest assured that all your queries will be met with a relevant answer. Examples on questions that Brain Mercenaries can answer include:

1. Any suggestions on how to come out with a good thesis topic for my studies?

2. I need a freelancer to work with me.

3. I need to appraise my worker’s performance, any suggestions?

4. What is a stepwise multiple regression?

At the heart of it, Brain Mercenaries is a place for intellectual engagement for people from all sectors. Brain Mercenaries is a business which sells ideas, and yet Brain Mercenaries are also looking for people to join our ranks as Brain Mercs too. For any queries, just post a comment of your query and your email and a Brain Merc will attend to you shortly.